Let’s see if you are a good kicker in Football Killer! Kicking is one of the most important parts of playing football. If you have strong legs and can aim well, you’ll be the best around. Now, let’s see if you can use this skill in any situation!

This is a funny game where you try to aim the ball at the players of the opposing team. If you’re that good of a player, you will be safe playing around and kicking the ball in the strongest way possible. Just aim at the people from the opposing team standing before you and see if you can hit them with the ball. There are a lot of levels where you will see many different scenarios in the stadium. The game sounds and the graphics will take you right to the stadium. But added to that feeling, you will see many interesting obstacles that will make it harder for you to hit the rivals. Also, you should kick a goal at the levels where a goalpost appears and not hit the referee. So, calculate your moves well, and don’t be out of balls. Let’s see how many levels you will pass in this fun game!

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Simplicity Games developed Football Killer.

Release Date

January 31, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Need for strategies

• Many levels to pass

• Intuitive controls


You can use the mouse of your computer to shoot at enemies and/or objects.