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Travel to 15th century Japan and join the ranks of the legendary Shinobi in Kizi’s collection of awesome ninja games! These covert agents, dressed in black clothing and face masks, are trained in the art of espionage and infiltration. Climb into trees and silently jump across the rooftops to sneak into the enemy base. Become an expert in ninjutsu, the martial art of the ninja, and train your knife throwing and sword fighting skills. Your mission is to move through the enemy territory like a shadow and sabotage their operations.

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Aside from various mystical abilities often ascribed to ninjas in folklore, such as the ability to become invisible or to walk on water, these mercenaries did develop all kinds of real and interesting techniques and disguises. Uzura-gakure, for instance, was the technique of curling up into a ball and sitting very still. This way, ninjas could disguise themselves as a stone in the dark. One of their sabotage techniques was to start a fire as a distraction. This is called hitsuke. While the enemy is putting out the fire, the ninja can slip away and attack the real target. Use these and many other awesome ninja techniques in our collection of ninja games.

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Aside from unlocking special techniques, you can also unlock a whole arsenal of cool ninja weapons and other equipment. Collect katanas, daggers, spears, poison potions, healing potions, lethal darts, bows and arrows, and much more. You’ll want to play these addicting games no matter where you go, and with Kizi’s unblocked ninja adventures you can! Play them on laptop and PC, or on your mobile devices. And if you want to enjoy even more martial arts games, be sure to check out our fighting games overview as well!