In Fatty Ninja, get ready for a scenic run! Having a good vantage point is important for these mysterious warriors, so travel to the rooftops. With numerous enemies on your way, how far do you think you can take your character?

Ninjas not always fight from the shadows. Sometimes, they need to come out in plain sight to spread fear to the hearts of their enemies. Your objective in this game is to take control of a talented ninja and help him run as far as he can. One can only call themselves a ninja after going through challenging training. But you don't need to be a master of martial arts to play this game. The controls are pretty easy, and everyone can earn points! When you start the game, your character will start running on his own. All you have to do is to avoid different obstacles on your way. You should jump over civilians and gaps. Be careful about the thugs. These criminals will try to attack you, but you should kill them before they hit you. Your score is based on the number of enemies you defeat. Check your point from the top of the screen.

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Developer developed Fatty Ninja.

Release Date

April 9, 2019


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Rewards!
  • 10 different character skins that you can unlock and use
  • Addictive and challenging gameplay


To jump, press the W key, or the up arrow key, or click on the left side of the screen. To attack, use the S key, or the down arrow key, or click on the right side of the screen.