Unlock the doors to a magical journey in Winx Club Baby Adventure! All babies are cute, but you have to see the baby versions of our Winx fairies to believe how cute they are. Now, meet these babies and start a whole new journey!

Prepare your magical wings to do the special run you have. Your aim is to go on running as much as you can on a race track with four lanes. There is no time limit, so the only things you need to be careful about are the fences and sheep that will occasionally appear on your way. You should quickly change lanes according to these obstacles or the diamonds you see. You need to collect as many diamonds as you can by running over them. Don’t forget that you will fail once you bump into a sheep or a fence. Your progress will be evaluated in stars that show your step count. You can unlock new characters or upgrade some skills with the diamonds you earn. Also, keep an eye on the achievements section to see what you achieve during the game. Let’s see if you can handle this magic power now in this fun game!

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Rainbow S.p.A. developed Winx Club Baby Adventure.

Release Date

July 14, 2022


Cute graphics

Characters to unlock

Achievements to complete

Upgrades available


You can click on the left or right side of the screen or use the arrow keys to change lanes and move through the running track.