Save the world from the zombies in Trap Craft! There are zombies all around and you have a very vital task. This task was given to you by a supreme authority, so you must do what it takes to get rid of these zombies. Let’s see if you can fight them all!

Once you were assigned this mission, your life changed forever. Now, you are the sole protector of the portals that manage everything on earth. Do what you can and make sure that no zombie passes through these portals. To stop many waves of zombies from entering these portals, you need to strategically place many obstacles in their ways like spikes or lava pools. There are soldiers of yours who will shoot the zombies and you can also shoot them all with your special weapons. Now, start the attack, and let’s see how many waves of zombies you can stop as the commander of this war!

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Mango_x2 developed Trap Craft.

Release Date

May 03, 2022


• Vintage-looking colorful graphics

• Multiple waves of enemies

• Strategical thinking required

• Addictive and fun gameplay


You can use the indicators on the screen to move your character and aim. You can also use the arrow keys to move your character.