Enjoy conquering new areas and owning everywhere you see in Amogus.IO! You are among many enemies who are wandering around to make anywhere theirs. But you are not simply sitting there letting them do all the work. You are their enemy, too. If you want to be the owner of wherever you can see, you should work hard and be a wise player. Can you get the territory you wish by eliminating your enemies?

You are wandering around with your enemies right next to you in a big area defined by certain borders. In a limited area, you and your rivals are gliding your ways to get more and more territory. So, be careful of those colored areas because they belong to someone. That someone should be of the same color as the area they are most likely gliding around. Likewise, you will start your journey around the circle of your color. The more distance you take, the bigger the area you occupy will be. That is, if you successfully reach your mainland, though. One should be able to reach back to their mainland and tie the line they've been making with the solid color block. As soon as this is done, that border will be conquered. But be careful. If you are blocked by an enemy on your way to your mainland, you will explode to your death. The same goes for your careless enemies whose blocks you can destroy. Don’t forget that this universe has its own limits and that you may fall for your death if you go beyond the limits. Does it sound challenging? Then be prepared to occupy as much land as you can and to test your limits while fighting against your enemies who are simultaneously playing with you!

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NoaDev Inc. developed Amogus.IO.

Release Date
November 16, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• IO game with real-time rivals
• Requirement of strategic thinking
• Indicator of how much of the land you occupy

You can use the arrow keys or the mouse of your computer to move your character.