With Sausage Run, you will never look at your kitchen the same again! Have you ever felt like a relatively fast sausage running aimlessly in a gigantic kitchen where everything wants to slice or fry you? You will! Come and put yourself in the shoes of this terrorized red, sauced guy and help him survive this dungeon of flavor!

Don't let the cute mittens or pastel wallpapers fool you; you are just a tasty bite in the eyes of this hungry kind! Your only chance at survival is to pass a hundred tests of agility and reach the end of this maze of a kitchen! Your adorable chubby face is not even a main meal for most,
after all. Focus on the deadly frying traps and swinging hooks waiting for you to step in. Slow down, wait for the right moment, and accelerate to pass traps. Run on the water to avoid drowning, and slow down before hot surfaces to keep your balance and pass without getting fried! Collect gold from levels and infinite mode to unlock funny skins for your tasty hero! Switch modes to break records or continue your journey and check the achievements tab to set goals on this strange adventure!

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2Play developed Sausage Run.

Release Date

May 5, 2022


3D graphics

Easy controls

Game mode options

In-game prizes


You can use your mouse to play this game.