In Stickman Rusher, your enemies have no idea what is coming for them. They will taste your blade and realize there are still heroes out there who pose a danger to their very existence. Are you ready to rush to the end and battle your way through many different places to fight the final boss?

All those who oppose me, beware! This world reeks with evil and corruption and here I am, coming to conquer the darkness. Did we manage to boost your courage? Good! You're going to need it. For in this world, the battle is at your doorstep and there are endless monsters to slaughter. They believe they can rule over people and their master has no equal in power. They couldn't be more wrong! Arm yourself with your sword and get ready to battle through this world to show them who's the real boss. Along the way, you'll see many different traps that were made just for you. Avoid them by jumping and when you see an enemy coming towards you, use the space bar to send them back where they came from. You'll see stars and also diamonds lying on the ground. The stars will give you extra points to earn a high score and the diamonds will help you buy new weapons. You'll need these weapons to stand a better chance against the final boss. Good luck!

Stickman's fight doesn't end here. There are still many evil forces in the world that needs to be destroyed. Play Stickman vs. Zombies now and fight the living dead. Enjoy!

Developer developed Stickman Rusher.

Release Date

February 17, 2021


  • Challenging and addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Many different places to clear
  • Different weapons to buy


You can use the up-arrow key to jump. Use the space bar to kill your enemies.