In Spy Car, you'll find yourself right in the middle of the action! As one of the best spies of your secret organization, you're tasked with retrieving the valuable crystal from a hidden lab. Jump into your armored car, drive through the dangerous roads, and defeat your opponents until you reach your destination! Can you prove your skills by dodging each one of your enemies, and show them that you're unstoppable?

Your enemies know that you're coming, and they'll do anything to stop. The objective of this game is to complete each mission you're given without getting killed. There are 4 missions in this game, each with 3 levels. To complete a level, you should survive until you reach the end. At the bottom of the screen, you can see your progress bar. Your enemies will attack you constantly, but you can defend yourself. From rockets to guns, you can unlock and add different weapons to your car with the money you earn by defeating your rivals. In the top left corner of the screen, you can see the amount of money you've collected on the level and the number of rockets you have. At the top, your car's health and nitro levels are located. Can you complete all the missions?

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Release Date

May 2018


  • 4 different missions to play
  • 12 different levels to complete
  • 15 achievements to earn
  • An in-game shop to purchase different weapons and upgrades for your car


You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control your vehicle. Press the Z key to launch rockets and the X key to use your speed boost. Use the SPACE BAR to jump.