With Desktop Racing 2, get ready for a unique car race! Compared to other races, this racing game is all about toy cars! You do not have to be an expert to control a toy car and win this race. With different tasks and car boosting options, you will love this game even if it takes place on an office desk! Now, have your fingers ready and enjoy the game!

In this amazing car game, race your toy cars and collect coins along the way. Before you start, you should check your "To-Do-List". If you can complete all the tasks written on the list, you get more stars and points. You can do amazing stunts to earn boosts. Fourth and multiples of fourth levels are the racing levels. Drive the car over the tracks on a messy office desk. If you hit the other objects on the desk, your car starts to get crushed. It is possible to upgrade your car features like health, turbo, wheels, and jumps. Use the keyboard arrow to move and the "space" key to jump. As you progress in the game and earn coins, you can buy a powerful new car as well. Good luck and have fun!

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Azerion developed this game.

Release Date

June 26, 2019


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • 4 different car options to enjoy
  • 7 trophies to win
  • 24 racing adventure to begin


Left and right arrows for balance control, up arrow to go forward. "X" key for turbo and "Space" key to jump.