In Stickman Archer Adventure, our beloved stickmen are in danger! The stickmen are in danger, and you must act quickly to save them before they die! Will you be able to save your friends while also collecting all of the stars? Best of luck!

They were caught by bad people and hung by their necks on a rope! You must help the poor stickmen as soon as can, otherwise, they will choke to death! If you're ready to take on 25 levels in which you'll strive to save them all, press the play button to begin the game! In this game, your goal is to aim your bow and shoot the arrows while cutting the rope to save your friend! You may accomplish this with your mouse by clicking to aim and then releasing to shoot. But be cautious! Just shoot the ropes, not your friend! You only have a certain number of arrows in each level; if you can't save him with those, the level is failed. You'll receive three points and unlock new stages if you can save your friend with these arrows. You'll also have to solve various puzzles using TNT, ricochet, boxes, and sharks as you progress through the game. Calculate the angle to the nearest degree so that the arrows can hit the targets. To save stickmen, you must be a good aimer! Best of luck!

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Developer developed Super Buddy Archer.

Release Date

August 6, 2021


  • 2D graphics
  • 25 levels to complete
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.