Let the shopping spree start in Shopping Street! This colorful and eventful street attracts many residents of the city with its shops filled with the latest fashion clothes, high-tech electronics, delicious foods, and stylish furniture. Unleash the investor within you and turn this street into the commercial center of the city. Build shops and let the money flow into your pockets as your customers leave your shops with happy faces and lost of newly purchased items.

Everybody likes shopping! So you better start building some shops for the people to visit. In this management game your objective is to build as many shops as you can along this street and earn enough money to reach your goals. Shopping Street has shops for everyone! You can build a boutique for the residents with a strong fashion sense. Who wouldn’t love to have a new, cuddly pet? Build a pet shop so the citizens can adopt and add a fluffy new member to their family. What about kids? Open a shop filled with colorful and amazing toys inside! The residents of the city are fancy people so you might want to consider building a jewelry shop for them. A full day of non-stop shopping can be intense and tiring, so how about fitting in some nice places for your customers to relax and enjoy a filling meal? Build restaurants so they can take a break and eat a good lunch or dinner. Cater to visitors who are on the hunt for new furniture or a new TV for in the home. Build an electronics shop and a furniture shop side by side for the residents with interior design aspirations! What about groceries? Better build a supermarket and watch your customers spend their time deciding between frozen and fresh vegetables. Don't forget to add benches, newspaper stands, and other things to keep your customers entertained! Fulfil the game objectives on time and keep your customers happy with the many shops you own!

If managing a shopping street is easy, how about managing a whole city? Become a mayor and improve your city in Tiny Town!


  • Start your own retail business
  • 4 different cities
  • 16 different levels
  • Colorful graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.