In Puppet Football Fighter, take your place at the soccer field and face other players from the rival teams in a heated match that you've never seen like before. Can you score goals and defeat your opponents while making your club proud? Keep your game up and become a star!

Football is already an exciting game, but Puppet Football Fighters takes everyone's favorite activity and brings more thrill to it. With funny characters and a different approach to soccer, you'll love this game. Your main objective is to win every match you participate in by scoring goals. A goal is not just a number on the scoreboard! With each goal, your opponent will take damage. The same rule applies to you too, so you better keep your guard up. To play the game, use the arrow keys and the SPACE BAR. The left and right arrow keys can be used to move around, while the up arrow key is for jumping and the down arrow is for kicking the ball. You can throw grenades with the SPACE BAR. There is a campaign mode with 5 different levels. You can earn stars depending on your performance. As you play, you'll earn experience and level up. This will unlock new features, such as new characters. Each character has different stats, so be sure to get them all to expand your team. Practice makes perfect! Keep playing until you become the best player in the championship.

Football season is here! Be sure to play Sports Heads: Football Championship 2016. Have fun!


Puppet Soccer Fighters was made by NOXPLAY.

Release Date

September 2017


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 8 different characters to play as
  • Campaign mode with 5 levels
  • Addictive gameplay


Use the arrow keys and the SPACE BAR to play this game.