Sports Heads: Football Championship 2016

The green field lies beneath your feet as the crowd cheers the name of the team they support. Welcome to one of the most popular football games out there, Sports Heads: Football Championship 2016. In this amazing and addictive game, you’ll have a blast with the different approaches to everyone’s favorite sport, football. Pull on your football boots and get ready for the competition!

Sports Heads: Football Championship 2016 takes you to the exciting football matches where more than 20 countries participate. Your objective as the player in this sports game is to win each match and carry your team to victory. When you start the game, you first choose a team. After that, you can decide which player you want to play. Each team has four players, but at first, only one of them will be unlocked. By winning matches, scoring goals, and gaining achievements, you can earn points that you can use to unlock other players. To play the game, use your arrow keys to move around the field. Press the space bar to kick the ball. You can score a goal either with your feet or your head. When a match starts, the ball will fall from above so keep an eye on it to gain the advantage against your opponent. During the match, you’ll see power-ups appearing randomly. There are eight different power-ups that you can collect. To get one, try to hit their icon with the ball. These useful items have many uses, from temporarily freezing your opponent to increasing the size of your head so you can defend your goal post. A match will end when the timer reaches zero. Can you beat all of the opposing teams?

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  • 8 different power-ups
  • 2D graphics
  • 30 achievements that you can earn
  • 28 different country teams


Use the arrow keys to move around. Press the space bar to kick the ball.