Support your best friend and complete your journey in Noob vs Pro! Noob is your best friend and he stands by you all the time. Now, it’s time for another adventure and you will have his support always. Can you fight against your enemies to reach your goals?

In this adventure platformer, you will walk through many levels that all have different games. The aim of completing these games is to find the magic apple that was stolen from you. While moving onto your goal of finding your stolen magic apple, you will need to help God, who will make things easier for you. While helping him, you will play some mini-games and attack the enemies God has told you. Use the WASD keys to move and the space key to shoot your weapon if you need. Let’s see if you are ready to dive into this intensive adventure and if you can find your magic apple!

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Noob vs Pro Team developed Noob vs Pro.

Release Date

August 16, 2022


2D pixelated graphics

Need for aiming and shooting skills

Intensive adventure game

Many different mini-games to play


You can use the WASD to move. You can shoot your weapon with the space key or the left click per level.