Do you have what it takes to train minions and lead them to battle? See what kind of a trainer you will be in Min Hero! This colorful world is filled with minions, other trainers, and many more amazing things! Challenge other trainers to become the best minion trainer and get new minions to win new battles.

Min Hero is an amazing game where you try to collect and train creature called minions. Minions are special creatures that only a few people can command. As a trainer, you should take them into battle so that they can grow and become stronger. As the player, your objective is to battle against other characters and minions to climb to the top of the Tower of Sages and become the best trainer in the world. There is a total of 102 minions that you can collect, train, and send into battle. There are various types of minions, each with their own resistances and weaknesses. Some minion types are weak against certain minion and attack types. For example, water minions are weak against attacks from electric, grass, and flying minions. When in battle, pay attention to your opponent’s minion types to deal the most damage! You will also collect stars as you win battles! You can use these stars to make your team stronger and win more battles. At the end of each successful battle, your participating minions will earn experience points and can level up. You can unlock a new skill for your minion when they level up to make them more powerful. After you finish the game, you can try the hard mode and challenge yourself further! Try to collect all the minions and become the best trainer in the world!

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Brett Betz made this game.

Release Date

June 2013


  • 102 minions to collect
  • Cute graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Turn-based combat mechanics


Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move around. Use the space bar to interact.