Fight off against your dino enemies in Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion! This is a funny 3D strategy game that falls a little different than the strategy games you are used to. This time you are not the commander of an army but commanding some dinosaurs. Now get ready to act!

In this strategy game, you are expected to win all the battles against your enemies. You are given a war zone with simple 3D graphics. You will see your dinosaurs and your enemy’s dinosaurs there. If you wish, you can add some more dinos to the war zone within the limit you are given. The key to winning this game is to place the dinosaurs on the correct blocks so that when the fight starts they will be hurt less and be attacking more. In the end, the party to have more dinos alive wins the game. So, now let’s see how well you’ll do as a commanding dinosaur and how many battles you will win in this war simulation.

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Developer developed Merge Master Dinosaur Fusion.

Release Date

August 01, 2022


3D graphics

Need for strategic thinking

Multiple levels


You can use your mouse to place the stickmen you choose.