Get ready to have a blast with your weapons in Merge Blast! The perfect combination of a merge puzzle and an action game is presented in a fun way, and you are invited to experience this first hand. Let’s see how far you’ll take things and how successful you’ll get.

In this action game, you have a combined aim of getting better weapons and shooting the rocks falling from the sky better in the best way. You can aim by dragging the cursor and shoot by clicking left. You need to collect enough rocks by shooting them enough times to pass a level. If you can’t explode a rock, it will hit the ground causing you a life. So, be fast to break the rocks as fast as you can while they are still in the air. To make this process faster, you need better weapons, though. You can acquire better weapons by merging the ones in hand. For instance, you can merge two weapons with the number one written on them and get one weapon with the number two which has a better capacity to shoot. Now, try your best to shoot the rocks, earn money and spend them to unlock new weapons.

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Ember Whirl developed Merge Blast.

Release Date

September 28, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Merge puzzle features

• 25 levels

• Extra slots available for unlocking with earnings


Click left to shoot and drag the cursor to aim.