Become a SuperKiller and show these bad guys that they should've run their operation silently. You're a secret agent tasked with stopping thugs. Grab your weapons, aim well, and crash the party of these so-called criminal masterminds!

Your mission, if you accept, is to eliminate all the criminals in each level. Each level is a room filled with various obstacles. Use your environment and come up with the best strategy to knock down the most enemies with few moves. Use your mouse to aim and click on the screen to fire. Your bullets will bounce from walls and go through enemies and glass panels and windows. You're a resourceful agent, and guns are not the only weapon you can use. In some levels, you will use a hammer. This special hammer has a curved trajectory, so you should plan before throwing it. Just like bullets, it can go through glass but stop when it hits a wall. Try to aim for the explosive barrels to eliminate more than one enemy with a single shot. Each level has a different design so plan accordingly. How many criminals could you take down?

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Simplicity Games developer SuperKiller.

Release Date

26 January 2023


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Different levels designs
  • 2 different weapons to use
  • Available on mobile devices


Tap/click and hold on the screen to aim. Release your hold to fire.