Follow your favorite characters from the gaming world through an action-filled puzzle in Impostor vs Noob! Experiment with a platform puzzle with silly Noob and the infamous impostors! Use your gun to aim and shoot the targets, try new combinations and tactics, and make the best use of the objects on the stage!

It's time to take on the role of the cunning villain and hunt Noob and his clones down! You have the arena and equipment ready; it's time to shoot around and experiment with your stages as much as you like. To begin your shooting lessons, you can hover your cursor around the stage and see how your character's gun follows your movements. Click to take your first shot and see how the bullet bounces off the walls before it lands on your target. You can always use the walls and other surfaces to reach targets in trickier positions and take everyone down. Also, you can make use of the TNTs and other objects placed in the room. Some of these items can trigger chain reactions, making passing the stage with one shot possible. Try different positions and tactics to explore other ways to clear arenas and find your style!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Impostor vs Noob.

Release Date

July 4, 2023


  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Funny characters
  • Improving aiming skills


You can use your mouse to play.