Get ready to save everyone in Black Stallion Cabaret! Some dancers have been trapped in their cabaret and there are violent monsters coming towards them. So, get your train and pick them up. Can you take them to a safe place?

This is a game that contains multiple facades for your entertainment. Your main goal is to save the dancers of the cabaret with a train and to take them to a safer place. While doing this, you will need to use the compartment of the train that generates items for your use. These items can be used for defending purposes, and you will need to solve a merge puzzle to get better weapons. Use these weapons to attack the monsters that are after you. If you can manage shooting them successfully with your weapons, you can go on to new fights on your journey to a safe place. Now, let’s see how far you can go in this thrilling adventure!

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PERSONA•GAMES developed Black Stallion Cabaret.

Release Date

June 22, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Bonuses to unlock

• Story-like gameplay

• Puzzle game within adventurous narration


You can click left on the items to merge them or to shoot in the sky.