Be the hero of the civilians in Captain Sniper! As a superhero detective, you have dedicated your whole life to saving people. Today you'll get the biggest task in your career. You are ordered to stop the members of a terrorist organization who are planning to hurt the civilians. Can you protect the people of your city and bring peace to everyone?

You are given a series of descriptions to follow. If you can fully get the instructions and follow them, then you can make everywhere safer for the citizens. Sometimes, you will need to eliminate a killer following a kid. Sometimes, you will need to kill four killers at a time. And these are just a few examples. The killers and the terrorists just don't stop planning new evil plans, but you are there to save everyone. Read the instructions and choose your targets very carefully. In this arcade game, everything is in your hands. If you kill an innocent citizen instead of a terrorist or can't eliminate all the killers out there, you will fail the task. So, pay attention to all the details and be ready to bring peace with your sniper rifle.

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Mad Buffer developed Captain Sniper.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

• 2D realistic graphics
• Guns to unlock
• First-person shooter game
• New equipment and more coins to get with daily streaks
• Fun effects for sniping
• Puzzle-like instructions to follow

You can use the mouse of your computer to control the front sight and to shoot.