Show off your fight moves in Martial Arts: Fighter Duels! Martial arts are one of the hardest skills to master. So now, you must show everyone how good of a fighter you are by dueling with your enemy. Let’s see if you can really take down everyone!

This is an epic fighting game. You will not only get to know various kinds of martial arts but also will enjoy the realistic motion of the game. You can choose between the arcade mode and the 2-player mode. You can choose the arcade mode to challenge yourself in a tournament. If you want to challenge your friend from the same computer, you should choose the 2-player mode. Regardless of your choice, you will choose between 17 different martial arts masters as your character. So, before you begin the level, make sure you know which branch of martial arts you want to challenge yourself in. Your aim is to show off your unique fighting style and win the matches. Now, wear out the energy of your opponent and take him down at each match!

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RHM Interactive developed Martial Arts: Fighter Duels.

Release Date

June 08, 2022


• 2D radiant graphics

• Intuitive controls

• 2 player mode available

• Various characters


You can use the WASD keys to move, the F, G, H keys to punch, and C, V, B keys to kick for Player 1. Use the arrow keys to move, the U, I, O keys to punch, and the J, K, L keys to kick.