Test your shots and goalkeeping skills in Football 3D! Wait for an opening to attack the opponent, or stay confident and give your best shot to get one step closer to the world cup! Pay to get matched with other players in quick matches, or stay offline in the career mode to get the world cup!

Take your place among the stars of football and join the tournament! Choose your war: will you try and rise through online players, or will you move from country to country and build your career? You have both options right in front of you! Use energy to join career matches and take five shots each with your opponent to choose the winner. Draw a route for the ball to follow and aim inside the goal. Be quick! The ball does not only follow the route but also imitates your drawing speed. When it comes to goalkeeping, it is crucial to keep your senses and reflexes sharp. You have half a second to react once the opponent's foot touches the ball. Draw a line to the point you think the ball will hit, and watch the outcome. Score the most points to pass matches and advance in your career.

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2Play developed Football 3D.

Release Date

November 16, 2022


2 game modes

Career mode with lots of levels

Good 3D graphics

Unlockable skins and features


You can use your mouse to play this game.