Start your goalkeeping career with Goalkeeper Wiz! Collect the golden gloves on your way to the world cup, earn credits, and unlock the strongest teams in the world! Choose any nation you want to start your journey and change teams, or continue with your group while restarting for another cup!

Welcome to the first step of your football career. Here, you unlock achievements by reaching new heights and breaking new personal records. Start your journey by joining your dream national team. You have twenty-four options and eight unlockable teams that you can join later in the game. After joining your team, check the instructions carefully and step onto the grass field. You can go with the easy mode to practice before trying your chance in the hard more. The difference between the two modes is that in the easy mode, you can see the approximate spot the ball will hit, while in hard mode, you must watch the ball to guess. Also, you double your credits in the hard mode. Move the gloves to the right position to catch the ball, and click. You can use your credits to unlock new glove styles and continue your career with customized skin!

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Physical Form developed Goalkeeper Wiz.

Release Date

November 8, 2022


Good 3D graphics

Unlockable features

32 team options

Simple controls

Difficulty modes


You can use your mouse to play this game. Move the hands and click when the ball arrives.