Hold on to your weapons in an epic duel in Stickman Temple Duel! Two slopy stickmen have come together and created a big fight over nothing. As unwilling as you are to move, you now need to fight against your rival. Do you think you can win this war?

Come and see the real world of dueling with this game. Here, the character that you will be commanding is a sloppily moving, hesitant stickman. This means that you need to be extremely agile when you are commanding this character. You can choose to play in the story mode to discover new platforms and run over many enemies. As another option, you can fight in a duel. In the 1-player mode, you can fight against the computer or choose the 2-player mode to fight against your friend from the same computer. Collect the weapons around and use them to attack your rival. You have 40 levels that await you with vivid graphics, so get ready for the fight of your life!

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Hihoy developed Stickman Temple Duel.

Release Date

June 02, 2022


• 2D radiant graphics

• Multiple levels

• Intuitive controls

• 2 player mode available

• Story mode to enjoy an adventure

• Dueling stickmen!


You can use the arrow keys and the WASD keys for the 2-player mode while monitoring the character. Shoot with L and use the shield with K for player 1, use the F key and the G key for the respective commands.