In Island Clash, bolster your defenses against your enemies who want to take over the natural resources of your island. From rainforests to dead swamps and crystals beaches, travel to the different parts of your island. Protect your people against these greedy oppressors, and show them that they've picked a wrong place to pillage. Featuring multiple challenging levels and various weapons, reach your goals in Island Clash with strategic planning. Can you rid the island from the unwelcome visitors?

Located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the life on this island was peaceful and productive until it attracted the attention of the covetous people. Your defenses have been overpowered, and the enemy is heading towards the mountain! As the owner of both the island and the mining facility, your objective is to stop the enemy by using effective tactics. Island Clash features 9 different levels that you can play, each with a different design. You complete levels by placing defensive towers by the road on to destroy the enemy vehicles before they leave the map. At the bottom right corner of the screen, you can see the available towers. To place one, click and drag them to the slots by the road. Each tower has different stats. Some of them are effective against fast enemies, while others are used against armored vehicles. Your enemy has plenty of tricks under their sleeves, so you should be prepared. You can improve your defenses at the development center by spending stars you've collected from completing levels. Through careful planning, you can achieve victory over your invaders.

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Aleksandr Kolomeets developed Island Crush.


  • 20 different achievements for you to earn
  • 9 challenging levels to complete
  • Can develop new types of weapons
  • 2D graphics


Use your mouse to play the game.