Dive into deep seas and fight the horror in Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night! Big fish eat small fish, it’s a very old story. Now, you are right in the middle of this story as the protagonist. Let’s see if you can become the big fish and survive in this excitingly scary arena!

Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night is an io game where you will be competing against real-time players from around the world. You are not only fighting to be the winner of the game but also to survive deep underwater. The excitement begins the moment you are dropped into the water. You are both the hunter and the hunt in this game. You can eat the fish smaller than you to grow but need to avoid the bigger fish who happen to be your opponent to not fail the level. On the other hand, you will simply be warned suggesting how big you need to be if you try to eat something you can’t that won’t harm you, unlike your opponents. You can always check your growth from the indicator on top of your fish. With each game, you will earn some coins. You are advised to use those coins to unlock fish of different kinds with better speed, dash range, and dash rates like one from brawlers, hunters, or chargers. Check your fish’s strength before starting and act wisely while trying to be the final opponent standing!

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Ubisoft developed Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night.

Release Date

October 11, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Unlock new fish types with better features

• Real-time opponents from around the world

• Local and worldwide leaderboards available


Drag the fish with the cursor around in the water.