Defend Your Nuts is a popular game in our collection in which you take the role of a courageous squirrel who won’t back down until the last of the enemy is either slain or repelled. No one would want all their hard work to be stolen by zombies, and our protagonist squirrel is no exception. Can you help him through the many challenging stages of this game and show those monsters that this is your home and they are not welcome?

The enemy is marching toward your garden, so you should be prepared to jump right into the action. In Defend Your Nuts, your objective as the player is what the name suggests, to protect and defend your nuts from the waves of various undead enemies coming toward you. Don’t mistake the fluffy fur of this adorable squirrel for weakness, because it is quite capable of using different kinds of weapons. This game features four weapons, each with different stats. When you first start the game, the only weapon you have is the basic bow and arrow. As you kill your enemies and pass levels, you can unlock more powerful weapons, like a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and even a rocket launcher! All these weapons require ammo, except for the bow, which has an unlimited supply of arrows. To play the game, click on the screen with your left mouse button to aim and charge the firepower of your weapon. Release the button to shoot your enemy. You can upgrade your weapons to improve their power with the money you collect from your fallen enemies. You can also place a wall and mines for extra protection. You have three lives on each level, and if you manage to reach the 20th level, you will confront the boss and put an end to this menace!

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Elliot Pace developed Defend Your Nuts.


  • Can play in 17 different languages
  • 3 different difficulty settings
  • 4 different weapons to use
  • 20 challenging stages


Use your mouse to play the game. Click on hold to aim your weapon. You can press keys 1-4 to select a weapon quickly.