Play our free online shark games and cause maximum chaos!

On this page, you’ll find all of our games starring these apex predators of the seas. We have some coloring games and puzzle games featuring sharks, but most of our online games in this category revolve around attacking humans and other fish. Dive down and swim up as fast as you can to leap above the water’s surface. Grab swimmers, or crush entire boats between your powerful jaws. You can even sink your pointy teeth into water planes and rescue choppers to drag them down into the water! Terrorize the bays and beaches in these games and cause maximum chaos with your sleek, aquatic predator! Continue reading to find out more about sharks and our catalogue of games. If you’re more interested in fishing, however, click here for our overview of fishing games!

Fearsome sea creatures

Sharks come in lots of different shapes and sizes, from the tiniest deep sea species (17cm), to massive whale sharks, of which the largest specimen ever recorded was 18.8 meters! There are currently around 500 different species. Most have sharp, often triangular and serrated teeth that grow in rows, slowly moving forward bit by bit, as if they’re on a conveyor belt, pushing the old ones out. Some species shed and replace up to 30,000 teeth in a lifetime! Another extraordinary feature is that they have highly developed electroreception, a sense that human beings don’t have. Special jelly-filled pores dotted around a shark’s head act like receptors, allowing them to sense electromagnetic fields. All animals produce an electromagnetic field, so this ability makes sharks very fearsome hunters!

Sharks, fish, and lots of other games for kids to play

Enjoy a fun selection of shark games for kids at Kizi. Piece together challenging puzzles, or become a marine predator and hunt for other fish to eat. Have fun playing!