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Here at Kizi, you’ll find a collection of cool dragon games. Fight these mythical, fire-breathing creatures with your knights, or become a dragon and rule the skies in one of these fun adventures. Below, you can read more about dragons and the games featured on this page. In addition, some of our fantasy-themed multiplayer games also include knights and various types of dragons. If you were looking for Dragon Ball, check out our manga and anime games collection instead.

Dragons – Beasts of legend around the world

Though their appearance and powers vary across different cultures, dragon-like creatures appear in different myths and folk tales from all over the world. Dragons are often portrayed as very large creatures that look like a serpent or a winged dinosaur. They have two or more legs with sharp claws, and lots of long, jagged teeth. Their skin scaly and tough, and they often have huge, leathery wings. While many dragons are portrayed as fire-spewing beast, other myths and folk tales cast dragons as sea creatures, or bringers of clouds and rain. One of the most famous dragons in modern storytelling is Smaug, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. This dragon lives in a giant cave and sleeps on top of a pile of gold in order to guard his treasure.

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In some of our dragon platform games, you too will have to collect gold with your dragon. Whether that’s in order to pay a wizard for flying potions, or to stock your own cave full of treasures, try to gather up every coin you can find. You might be fighting knights or teaming up with them to solve platform puzzles. In other dragon games, you might be fighting these giant reptiles while trying not to get roasted alive by their fiery breath! Choose your favorite games and play for free on PC, laptop, or your mobile devices!