In DragonBoom Online, spread fear to the hearts of men as you embrace the skies as a fire breathing dragon. With your sharp claws and teeth, you're the nightmare of everyone in the world. Can you complete every level, and collect as many coins as you can?

Spread your wings across the sky, and let your shadow scare your puny opponents! Nothing can stand in your way. The objective of this game is to complete each level by reaching the treasure chest in the end. You can play the game with your mouse. There are 30 different and challenging levels in this game. In the beginning, only the first level is available, but you can unlock the rest as you play. To play, press and hold the left mouse button on the screen to adjust your aim. Your dragon will attack the enemies by itself. You should avoid hitting different obstacles like spikes and saw blades. You start with 4 life points and lose a heart when you hit an obstacle. Check how many life points you have in the top left corner of the screen. Dragons love coins, and this is no different for your character. Try to collect as many coins as you can. You can spend these in the in-game shop to buy different hats for your dragon!

Switch sides, and become an expert dragon hunter in our popular title, Dragon Killer. Have fun!


kiz10 developed DragonBoom Online.


  • 20 different levels to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • 5 different hats to buy from the ingame shop


You can use your mouse to play this game.