Welcome to the fluffy and colorful world of Boonie Planet! This place is filled with adorable creatures called Boonies, and they are waiting for you to take your place among them. Jump into this bright and cheerful world and get ready to meet other Boonies! With its multiplayer online gameplay, Boonie Planet has many players from around the world to meet and hang out with. So put a friendly smile on your face and introduce yourself to the others!

Boonie Planet is an online game in which you can explore the colorful and vivid world of fuzzy creatures called Boonies. They are so cute and fluffy, you’ll want to hug and pet them! Before starting, create a Boonie for yourself! You have so many options you can choose from. Try out different types of fur, all kinds of colors, and even funny hairstyles. A plain coat of fur won’t make you stand out in a world populate by furry creatures, so touch up your fuzzy coat with some nice highlights! Your Boonie character can have different patterns dyed into their fur as well. Dots for a fun-loving look, or maybe tiger stripes to show how adventurous you are? What about your character’s eyes and nose? Pick the ones you like best. Now it is time to pick a hairstyle! You have plenty of options available in different colors! When your Boonie is ready, you can choose a tribe to join! There are 5 different tribes. Now that you’ve settled in, your Boonie is ready to visit the various locations on Boonie Planet. You can visit the Plaza to socialize with other Boonies, or go buy yourself some new clothes at the Shop! Try to explore every part of the world! You might even find treasures and special items! Feeling tired? Then head back to your home to rest up. You can purchase new items, different types of furnitures, and other cool stuff to decorate your house so that you can let your home reflect your personality!

Boonie Planet is a game that creates and maintains a friendly environment for all players. Enjoy the companionship of these fluffy characters, take you Boonie out of a trip to explore your surroundings, and have fun playing mini-games. Check out the other cute and entertaining games in our games for girls collection for more, or try out our makeover and dress-up games.


MovieStarPlanet developed this game.


  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Bright and cheerful virtual world
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Cute and friendly characters


Use your mouse to play the game.