Try not to fall and survive the challenge in Fall Friends! You are among a very competitive group of friends who are almost destined to fall. But you think you can turn it around, so now do your best to win this challenge.

This skill game consists of a series of challenges that you will attend among a group of friends. Throughout the game, many of these people will be eliminated and your aim is to not be one of these people. Do your best to keep running while avoiding obstacles. At each level, you will be presented with a new kind of challenge that is designed uniquely. You need to be one of the first people to reach the finish line to be able to go on the game. You will also be earning coins which you can spend on new skins. Now, get your mindset ready to become the winner of this challenge.

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Mirra Games developed Fall Friends.

Release Date

November 17, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Unique challenges at each level

• Challenging gameplay

• Skins to unlock


Drag the cursor to move your character and click left to jump when needed.