Get ready to run fast and stop sharply in Squidly Game 123 Stop! The legendary game is back and now it’s more exciting than ever. Get your sneakers ready because you are about to challenge your survival instincts.

This is a game with a single competition in which the reward is staying alive. You have got to give in all you got and achieve staying alive. The only way to achieve this is to stay away from getting shot by the guards in iconic pink jumpsuits. You play this game by running once the big doll turns its head away and stopping once she turns back. This scheme is also indicated by a red light during which you must stand still and a green light during which you can run. The key is to be able to get to the red line within the given time despite all the pauses you give, so make sure to be quick and stop abruptly not to be seen as a moving person by the big doll. Let’s see if you can stay alive and win this dangerous challenge!

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PL Studio developed Squidly Game 123 Stop.

Release Date

October 20, 2021


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Intuitive skills

• Challenging gameplay

• Timer in the middle of the screen


Click on the screen and drag the character to move forward. Release the left click to stop.