Get armed with your tomatoes in Slashville 3D! You are in total control of your huge farm. Your strength is your tomatoes, so keep on working and managing everything on this fine farm. Are you ready to create the greatest farm?

Here is a fun task for you to focus on. You will be growing your own farm with your own hard work. Start your day by building your main house, followed by other parts of the farm like new lands to grow tomatoes or the hospital. All you need in your life will eventually be situated on this farm. To open a new system on your farm such as the shop or the hospital, you will need workers who work in return for tomatoes. So, grow your crops and collect your tomatoes first. For some upgrades, you will need to spend coins. You can earn coins by fighting the enemies in the extra levels to which you can get through the gate at the upper corner of the farm. Remember that you will solely use your chopping skills to collect tomatoes or kill your enemies. Now, build a well-thought idle system to pick your tomatoes and prioritize your tasks to earn more coins. Let’s see how good of a boss you’ll be on this adventure!

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Udo Games Oyun Yazilim Anonim Sirketi developed Idle Zoo Safari Rescue.

Release Date

June 29, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Strategic thinking

• Systems, and supplies to upgrade

• Bonuses to unlock

• Passive income system


You can use the left-click to choose options.