Explore the fast-paced world of Cubefield! Have you ever felt like a triangular prism in the world of cubes? Most unlikely. Cubefield lets you experience this weird feeling of being the odd one out with its intuitive and entertaining gameplay! Take on the role of a flying triangular prism and try to navigate through a strange cubic world that has only a few colors. Don't let those cubes intimidate and taunt you with their predictable angles and 6 gleaming surfaces. You have the sharpest corners of all in the world of six-sided solid shapes!

Cubefield offers smooth and intuitive gameplay and an entertaining challenge. You are a dark grey prism and your objective is to fly across the map as you try to avoid cubes along the way. Press the left or right arrow keys to dodge them. There is no end to the level, so simply aim to dodge as many cubes as you can and try to travel as far as your hand-eye coordination allows. That’s right. Besides the fun factor, Cubefield is a great way to improve and test your reflexes. Who knew cubes would be this persistent? As you progress through the map, you'll encounter various cube formations. Some are easy to dodge but for others, you should be ready for some quick thinking. Luckily your tiny size gives you an advantage over the resident cubes of this unending world. Who’s laughing now, cubes?

With its simple and quick gameplay, Cubefield is an ideal game for people who are looking for a quick burst of fun to occupy a couple of stray minutes. Features from both puzzle and driving genres meet in this 3D game, where the only opponent you try to beat is yourself. Reach a high score and then beat it. Start again and score a higher number of points! Dodge the cubes and travel as far as you can! If you enjoyed this game, why not try one of our other challenging puzzle games?


Cubefield was developed by YoArcade.

Release Date

January 2006


  • Can be played on mobile devices
  • Easy controls
  • 3D graphics
  • Simple gameplay


Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Press P to pause the game.