In, what we all feared is really happening. The alien invasion is here, and the sky is filled with UFOs. Are you ready to take control of one of these UFOs and bring an end to the existence of humanity on this planet?

What was one fiction has turned into reality. The aliens are here to destroy everything that crosses their path, even their own kind. There are 3 game modes to try in this game. The first one is classic mode where you need to try to become the biggest player. The second one is solo mode, and you need to eat the entire city before the timer ends. The third one is where you need to gobble up all the UFOs to emerge victorious. In each game mode, you can eat the city to get bigger. Trees, cars, and even houses will be too small for you as the game progresses. Eating other players and collecting power-ups will also help you grow large. After each game, you'll earn coins that you can spend on skins. There are epic and legendary skins that you can unlock. These skins will help you look even cooler when you destroy everything, the eater of all worlds!

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Super Apps developed Alien

Release Date

March 11, 2021


  • Unlockable new skins
  • 3 different game modes to play
  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Nice 3D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.