He was a skater boy, she said, ‘See you later, boy,’ so Dennis has decided to grab his skateboard and focus on his exciting hobby as he tries to perfect his thrilling skating tricks in Crazy Skater! Join Dennis and try to reach high scores by jumping from various platforms and performing amazing tricks and stunts while soaring the skies of the city! Do you have the skills to pull the master stunts without landing on your face? If so, then grab your skateboard and start your show!

The action never stops in Crazy Skater. Even an ordinary object in the streets turns into a great opportunity for a skater to show their prowess. Sliding on railings, climbing on top of benches, jumping and spinning your skateboard as you skate down from a street are just a few of the many things a city can offer to an enthusiastic and adventurous skater. Dennis is such a boy and he needs your help to demonstrate the stunts he’s been working on for a long time! Crazy Skater, with its easy controls and challenging gameplay, will keep you entertained for a long time as you live the life of a pro-skater through the main character of the game, Dennis. As the player, you have to complete each level by performing stunts and tricks. To control Dennis, use the arrow keys. The up and down keys are for skating forward and backward, respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used for performing stunts and balancing Dennis while he is in the air. Don’t let the simple controls of the game make you think that pulling those stunts is easy in real life! Don’t forget to collect the coins you see scattered around the level. You can unlock and buy new and improved skateboards with those coins to skate in style!

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Foghop developed this game.


  • 24 levels to complete
  • 5 different skateboards to unlock and choose
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 10 medals to earn


Use the arrow keys to move, press the space key to jump.