Get ready delve into a world of doodles with the fourth game from the popular series, Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1 Remix! Take control of the hyperactive character, Fancy Pants Man, and jump, slide, roll, and climb onto the platforms! Unleash the crazy parkour runner within, because this is a game that will keep your adrenaline pumping! Start with some warm-up exercises to figure out the game controls, and then try to master the track ahead of you.

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 1 Remix is a newly revamped version of the first Fancy Pants world. Dive into the action with this brand new version featuring smoother animations and amazing physics. As the player, you take control of the athletic main character, Fancy Pants Man. Sworn to protect his home town of Squiggleville and its residents, Fancy Pants Man is ready to face anything that poses a threat. Being the hero of the town, Fancy Pants Man has many enemies. As the player, your objective is defeating these enemies as you try to complete each level. Running around in his baggy pants and spiky hair, he depends on your help! Some enemies are quite easy to defeat. You either have to jump on them and squish them, or slide towards them and trip those ugly doodle monsters up! Did these monsters steal your pants? As you defeat more enemies, you will unlock new pant designs! Collect them all and continue beating the monsters in style! Not every enemy is easy to defeat. You'll have to face the Evil Pencil, for instance. This is a fierce enemy that can erase parts of the level to make things very difficult for you. You must put an end to the Pencil’s tyranny! When the time comes, you shouldn't refrain from breaking the Evil Pencil's sharpened point! Show that pencil how things are done in Squiggleville!

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Brad Borne developed this game, as well as Fancy Pants Adventure 2 and Fancy Pants Adventure World 3.

Release Date

July 2014


  • Many designs to collect
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Nice graphics
  • Smooth movements


Use the arrow keys to move. Press the S key to jump. Press the P/Space key to pause. Press the down arrow key to open doors.