Squiggleville is in despair because the royal bathtub has been stolen by a group of filthy pirates! Help the king reclaim his "king-sized" bathtub in Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3! Taking long baths is the royal duty of the king, so Squiggleville can't survive without the royal bathtub! As the sworn protector of Squiggleville, Fancy Pants Man is here to rescue his hometown in this third installment of the popular series. Grab your baggy pants and show those pirates who’s boss. Rather than letting them bathe in the tub, how about sending them to the depths of the ocean!

Everybody’s favorite freerunner is back for another rescue mission in Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3. Not only he is going to get the royal bathtub back, but he will also rescue his sister Cutie Pants Girl from the greedy pirates! The third game adds many new features, including swimming, a new character, and a very fancy weapon: a pencil sword! As the player, your mission is similar to the game objectives in the other games from this series. Complete every level and defeat every enemy you encounter! Fancy Pants Man is an energetic character! He will run at high speeds, jump to the highest platforms, and can even climb the smooth walls! With all that agility and drive, nothing can stand between him and his target! To control Fancy Pants Man, use the left and right arrow keys. Need to climb to a platform? Press the S button to jump. If you find yourself on top of a hill, remember that downhill running is for amateurs. Instead, press the down arrow key and slide! To open the doors, simply press the up arrow key! You'll need a weapon to fend off the pirates. Grab the pencil and use it as a sword. Travel through Outer Squiggleville, Canopy Forest, Bummin' It Beach and reach the Pirate's Cove to find and rescue your sister! Show the leader of the pirates, Captain Manly Beard, not to mess with Squiggleville and its residents ever again!

Hyperactive and acrobatic, Fancy Pants Man has gone on many other adventures that you can try your hand at! Visit our collection of Fancy Pants games and play the rest of the series as well!


Brad Borne developed this game.

Release Date

April 5, 2012


  • New character and enemies
  • Swimming and parkour-type action
  • Pencil weapon
  • A new move: wall kick


Use the left/right arrow keys to move. Press the S key to jump. Use the down arrow key to duck. Press the up arrow key to open the doors. Press the space bar to pause the game.