Squiggleville is safe for now and its hero, Fancy Pants Man, stands in needs of a vacation! Help him relax and unwind in the game Fancy Snowboarding. See how he glides down the snowy hills and demonstrates his acrobatic skills on a snowboard. Unfortunately, some parts of the snowboarding track are missing and you should help Fancy Pants Man overcome this obstacle by using your trusted pencil. Draw lines to help Fancy Pants Man reach the finish line. Don't worry, we won't tell him that you've been helping him out!

Fancy Snowboarding is a mini-game with a Christmas and winter theme. There is no plot. No kidnapped sisters, no stolen royal bathtubs or vicious monsters. It’s vacation time! As the player, you have to race down the snowy slopes a snowboard and reach the finish line as fast as you can. Unlike other games in the series, you can't control Fancy Pants Man. Instead, he needs your help to draw him platforms so that he can make it to the finish line without accidents. There are 8 levels in total, each with different designs that will require you to discover the best and shortest way to the finish line. Based on the time you take to cross the finish line, you will earn stars at the end of each level. You can earn up to three stars for each level. You'll get a star if you finish the level within a certain time. Getting two and three stars require you to finish the level very quickly indeed! You can see your time score at the end of each level. You can feel the Christmas spirit all throughout Squiggleville, and there are hidden presents in each level. The presents may look like they are out of reach, but using your pencil you can draw in a little detour to grab them. You don't have infinite ink though! You’ll have to wait a while to get a refill, so be careful when you are drawing platforms. Try not to waste any of your precious ink.

If you think Fancy Pants Man has spent enough time on vacation, then go and check out our collection of Fancy Pants games serie to play the other adventures in the series! He can do much more than just snowboarding!


Brad Borne developed this game, as well as Fancy Pants 3.

Release Date

January 9, 2015


  • 8 challenging levels
  • Hidden presents to collect
  • Nice graphics
  • Smooth gameplay


Use your mouse to draw platforms for Fancy Pants Man.