Bubble Shooter Hexagon changes the classic view on bubble-shooter games with a new shape! Take a look at your favorite genre from a new angle, and master the art of shooting hexagons! Aim with your cursor, and send bubbles at their same-colored friends to pass levels within the time limit and make it to higher levels!

Welcome to an endless race of colorful and glossy hexagons! Aim at the bubbles coming at you at high speed, and shoot them all before they can get to you! Let's see how long you can last without any help from vectors! You can use your cursor to move the canon around and examine the angles. Precision is crucial, but be careful; the clock is ticking! Check out the countdown on the left and try to shoot all the bubbles before it hits zero. Any seconds left will be added to your time at the next level. Shoot bubbles to keep them away from you while rising through levels in this infinite run. Failure does not send you back to the first level, but you lose your extra time. Instead, you can watch a short ad to take another chance and continue from where you left off.

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Lof Games developed Bubble Shooter Hexagon.

Release Date

February 8, 2023


  • Nice and polished graphics
  • Colorful bubbles
  • A time limit to increase the challenge
  • Addictive levels
  • Global scoreboard


You can use your mouse to play.