Sort out your problems with magic in Borr Magic Puzzle! The magic kingdom is in danger, and as the old and wise wizard, it is your duty to save your lands. Are you ready to unlock the doors to a whole dimension full of magic?

In this puzzle game, you have a total of 54 levels. Through these fifty-four levels, you will try to reach the magic elixir to collect each of the fifty-four bottles of elixir. Collecting them all won’t be that easy, though. You should overcome the difficulties of the labyrinth-like corridors. There will be surprise challenges waiting for you besides the magical light beams you should avoid touching. To eliminate these obstacles, you will need to engage with the items around the corridors. For instance, you can collect items that can alter the dangerous light beams. Open up your way to safely reach the magic elixirs and simply click on the tiles you want the wizard to move on. Build up your stamina and clear your mind to solve each puzzle and collect all the bottles of elixirs!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Borr Magic Puzzle.

Release Date

September 06, 2022


Vintage-looking 2D graphics

Puzzles to solve

54 levels

Rewarded ads available


Click on the tiles you want the wizard to move on.