“Control tower, can you hear us?” You better answer, because in the wildly addictive game, Airport Mania, you are the only one managing the landing and take-off of airplanes at different airports. With lots of air traffic and impatient passengers, your job will be challenging but rewarding. Can you make effective decisions when a crisis happens and save the day, or will you retire from your job way too early? Only one way to find out!

Despite being constantly busy and having a chaotic schedule, some passengers find airports remarkably peaceful. In Airport Mania, however, you are not a passenger but a manager who has to deal with all the stress and crises that happen, which are usually invisible to the average passenger. As the player, your objective in this game is to manage and place the planes in order as they land, board passengers and handle take-off. To play the game, click on a plane and then on a runway to make it land. Once it has landed, click on a gate so the passengers can leave the plane. Sometimes a plane will need a repair or fuel. Click on the plane again and then on a hangar or fuel station. Once a plane is ready to take off, click on the runway again. On each level, there is a money objective that you should meet to complete the level successfully. These planes come in many colors! When a plane uses a gate, the gate will become the color of that plane. Using the planes with the same-colored gates as them will earn you money multipliers so you can make more money! You can see your progress bar at the top of the screen. Reaching certain points in the bar will unlock new and improved items. Can you provide strategic solutions and turn your airport into a financial success story?

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South Winds Games developed Airport Mania.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different airports to play at
  • Upgrades to the airports


Use your mouse to click on planes and direct them to different buildings at the airport.