Roll the dice to try your chance in Yatzy Multiplayer! This game is half about how lucky you are and half about how good your strategies are. Now, come and get in the game to discover the possibilities!

This is a game that is based on poker in which all you are dealing with is a set of dice. Your aim here is to roll your dice for the given rounds and to get certain combinations of points. You have five dices to roll at the beginning of the game during the first roll. Following the first roll, you have the chance to hold any one of the dice you got including the option to hold none and all. Your score changes according to the box you have chosen and which combination you rolled. Don’t forget that you will also need strong strategies to win this game. For instance, you might want to skip out choosing a box that can later give you a better score with another roll. You can only choose a box once and you need to use your chances in the best way to win this unique and complicated game!

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Tweensoft developed Yatzy Multiplayer.

Release Date

January 10, 2023


• Colorful 2D graphics

• You can create your game rooms

• Intuitive controls

• Unique gameplay

• Clear visual depictions of the puzzle


Click on the options to choose them.