Racing a car might look cool but it requires more skill to jump onto a bike and perform amazing stunts as you glide through the air. With X Trial Racing, you have a chance to become the most successful stunt biker out there! Grab your helmet and wear your biker’s jacket! Be prepared to ride through many amazing levels filled with thrilling platforms with great gaps in between. Can you maintain the control of your bike even on the most challenging tracks or will you land on your face and watch your bike drift away? Let the engines roar!

Bike stunt games are among the most fun genres for many players around the world. These games let you experience the thrilling life of a stunt biker in the comfort and safety of your own home. X Trial Racing is just such a game that takes you to an exciting bike racing adventure. As the player, your objective in this fast-paced game is to ride along the racing tracks in each level and try to reach the finish line. In each level, you will face a different layout of platforms lined side by side with gaps ranging from wide to narrow between them. The first levels will be relatively easy compared with later levels, but the most important thing for reaching the finish line is maintaining your balance. To control your bike, you can use the arrow keys. The up and down arrow keys are for accelerating and braking, respectively. Once you are airborne, use the left and right arrow keys to either roll or regain your balance before landing on the next platform. Failing to land on your wheels will cause you to crash and, inevitably, explode and lose the game. Completing levels successfully will earn you stars, which you can use to unlock different bike skins. Collect them all and expand your garage!

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QKY games developed this game.


  • 30 different levels
  • 8 trophies to earn
  • 9 different bikes
  • Challenging gameplay


Use the arrow keys to control your bike.