Fly high with the ghosts in Halloween Ghost Balls! Halloween is on the corner, so prepare yourself to enjoy this time of the holiday season with whoever knows it the best. These ghosts are ready to help you out, but can you help them in return?

In this fun hyper casual game, you are flying beside a group of ghosts who are ready to rock Halloween this year. You aim to keep them company and lead them through the engaging platform. There will be obstacles, interesting turns, and many other surprising features that the platforms of each level will present you with. To overcome these and have enough ghosts at hand as given in the level’s goal, you need to carefully drag your cursor over the turns and obstacles. This way, you will have as few ghosts lost behind as possible. Also, make sure to fly over the green flames since they will help you multiply your ghost count. Only if you can get enough ghosts to the portal at the end of each level and do not fall into any traps, you will win the level. Let’s see if you’ll be a good company and can go through many levels!

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YAD.Com developed Halloween Ghost Balls.

Release Date

October 06, 2022


• Spooky 2D graphics

• Fun gameplay

• Lucky draw to win coins

• Skins to unlock


Drag the cursor to move the group of ghosts.