In World Football Kick 2018, you better start warming up your muscles because challenging matches are waiting for you. The cheering of your fans fills the air as you enter the soccer field. To make them proud, try your best to put up a great performance! Can you carry your team to the victory through the league, and become the world champion?

The world cup shines on the pedestal. Your coach gave you all the tactics, and it falls onto you to save the day. This game's objective is to win every match you participate in by doing penalty kicks. Start by selecting a team. There are 32 different national teams divided into 8 groups. At first, you'll try to win against the teams in your group. When you pick a team, you'll be directed to the level selection screen. The game features 8 levels. To play the game, you can use your mouse. Click on your character with the left mouse button, and while pressing on it, drag it around to adjust the power and the angle of your kick. There'll be players of other teams trying to block your shot, so try to aim carefully, and wait for the right moment to throw the ball. Once you score 7 goals, you'll win the match. You have 3 lives on each level, and running out of them all will make you lose the game. Can you become the MVP of this league?

Playing in the international league is both exciting and fun! Continue your football career in Football Heads 2018. Have fun!


OrangeGames developed World Football Kick 2018.

Release Date

June 5, 2018


  • 32 different teams to choose from
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Intuitive controls


Use your mouse to play this game.