Get into the Christmas spirit a little early with the puzzles of Jewel Christmas Story! Match the items and gifts to collect them, and help Santa with his mission! Follow him through his journey to deliver this year's gifts, sip your hot chocolate to keep the cold away, and enjoy the season while solving puzzles!

This Christmas will be the best with these levels! Ready yourself for your new addiction, wear your winter sweater, and start matching items! Santa has some quests for you, and you must collect the items he needs within a move limit. Follow the need list from the top, and scan the screen. You must align at least three identical items horizontally or vertically to make a move. If you manage to make that number four or five, you get a special booster item with special powers. These powers include clearing a whole horizontal or vertical line, eliminating a type of object from the table, and exploding a 3x3 area. The quests change as you advance toward further levels. You will have to collect teddy bears, break some icy tiles, and get mail from mailboxes. There will also be some cake involved. Get all the objects needed to make everyone's Christmas brighter!

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Inlogic Software developed Jewel Christmas Story.

Release Date

December 1, 2022


Sweet Christmas theme

Cute object design

Unlockable boosters

Daily gifts


You can use your mouse to play.